A day in the DR…

So it’s been awhile since we’ve posted and I can only say we’ve been really enjoying our time here that we just haven’t taken even a minute to write. We’ve been blowing and going, seeing as much of this island as humanly possible, celebrating friends birthdays and enjoying life. Thanks to some great friends who own a house out of town the dogs get some leisure time off the boat and on land from time to time as well.

Pig, sharks & beaches

Mia & Mocha & cake?!?

Yesterday we were in Cambiaso which is about a 40 minute drive from our marina in Luperon. The beach there is gorgeous and usually very quiet during the week which is when we like to come.

Drive to Cambiaso

Beach friends and sites

The beaches on the weekends are usually occupied by the locals and it gets loud with everyone competing with their loud music. Not just loud, ear splitting, base thumping, treble rumbling excruciatingly painful loud music! Each family brings out their huge speakers and subwoofers and blast the music which they then sit in front or as close as they possibly can to the speakers which is quite funny to try to comprehend but hey, it’s how they do it in the DR so we avoid the beaches on the weekends. πŸ™„

So we jumped on the motorcycle 🏍, um did I mention we bought a motorcycle?!? I may have mentioned we rented one through the end of the year (shhh don’t tell my mama – she’ll worry) anyway we still have the rental because I’m trying to learn how to ride it (again please don’t tell my mama) We decided to buy a little bit bigger bike, these roads are a bit rough and a dirt bike with knobby tires is really the way to go.

The new motorcycle!

Renting cars adds up but cars can’t get through a lot of these roads easily but motorcycles can. So we now own a new motorcycle, the price was ridiculously cheap and now we can go anywhere anytime we want, like the beach on a weekday.

We were practically alone other than the few family’s who live nearby and sell food and drinks. Our usual thing to do at a beach is buy “a service” which includes a bottle Rum, a soda or juice and cups with ice. We buy a few more 7-ups and keep the ice coming. (It’s hot here and ice melts very quickly) we ordered a plate of fried plantains just to have something to munch on while we sit and enjoy this lovely beach and our Rum.

A day at the beach {sigh}

I spend a lot of my time volunteering with the Dogs & Cats of the Dominican Republic, I just love this organization, I help with outreach which is treating the neighborhood dogs with parasite, flea and tick meds monthly. We also have a monthly clinic where many of the pet owners bring their pets to the local park for the treatment but those that don’t we try to treat during the outreach. They also organize a spay and neuter clinic but that’s about every 2-3 months depending on the availability of volunteering vets who travel here to help out. So I get to hold puppies and dogs a lot and am not complaining because it truly is the perfect way to spend a day 😁

My favorite pastime- holding puppies

Here are a few other pictures from our drive to the beach and just random DR shots. (The chickens and the pig were alive during transport 😲)

The things you see on any given day

Amazing ride!

As always, thanks for reading and enjoying our journey with us. Sending prayers to Texas for all who have been affected by hurricane Harvey and to all our family and friends wherever you are around the world. Love you all πŸ’ž