Addicted to the Bahamas…

We are so happy to say we are finally in the Exumas! We actually made it to Ship Cay on Wednesday February 1st with our awesome friend Ed Horton captain of s/v Catatude. We love this guy, we met him in Treasure Cay way back in July and have kept in close contact and even crossed to Eleuthera with him. He had some work done on his boat while we were dealing with our boat challenges in Spanish Wells so it worked out perfect to cross over to Exumas together. We spent a night at Ship Cay then spent the next night at Allens Cay and then two nights at Normans Cay where we ran into more friends from s/v Seldom Silent, Jeff & Brenda Carman. The 5 of us decided to go snorkeling and check out the plane wreck on the other side of the island. Got some cool pictures of the wreckage and all the fish that now call it home along with a camouflaged sting ray who though we couldn’t see him. Those little fish came right up to you, apparently people take them corn and feed them. We had a great time but as usual we have to be very conscious of the tide other wise we could be walking our dinghies out rather than driving it out. We’ve learned from experience 😕

Snorkeling the plane wreckage @ Norman’s Cay

Norman’s Cay plane wreckage

We left Norman’s Cay and anchored at Warderick Wells on February 5th. Warderick Wells is an Exuma Land and Sea Park which basically means, no fishing or lobstering in and around their waters because it’s all protected. It is a gorgeous park and we had a great two days there walking the park, hiking up to Boo Boo Hill and Boo Boo Beach and seeing all they had to offer such as, Whale bone displays and blow holes along the shore lines of the park. We actually ran into a few of the “Team Exit” Eleuthera flotilla, s/v Cloud Nine, s/v Rat Catcher and s/v Seldom Silent who caught back up to us after leaving Norman’s Cay.

Warderick Wells Exuma Land & Sea Park

More blowholes and gorgeous ocean

We anchored at Blackpoint Cay on February 7th with the plan to stay one night and head south closer to Georgetown. We went into town and found the best coconut bread EVER along with a cool inexpensive bar & grill that catered to cruisers. We met a few people outside while we enjoyed a $6 burger and a couple rum punches (they were delicious!). As we were paying our bill we met another couple, Fred and Babs from s/v Sea Tryst and ended up hanging out another hour or so chatting and making plans so they could come with us onto Georgetown. They were looking for a buddy boat and had also just come in the same day to Blackpoint. So after planning out the exit strategy to include time and tides we both pulled anchor around 8:30am and made our way to the Dothan Cut. It was rather bumpy which takes us in the Atlantic side of the island headed towards G-town. It was scheduled to be about an 8 hour trip so we settled in and Jeff put out the trolling rod and within about 2 hours I was hollering “FISH ON!” We done went and caught us a Mahi (hahaha)!! It was so pretty with those bright blue and green colors, we were stoked as it was our first successful catch. I got the privilege of killing it and cleaning it which wasn’t too bad.

Mahi – it’s what’s for dinner!🐬💪🏼

Once we got that all taken care of and cleaned up it was around 2 pm and we realized we wouldn’t make it to G-town until after the sunset so we decided to anchor at Black Cay for the night along with s/v Sea Tryst. We all ate Mahi for dinner over on their boat and had a great evening until it was time to go to sleep. The boat rolled all night long, no one got any sleep that night. We decided to pull anchor at 8:30 on Thursday February 9th and head on over to Georgetown where we anchored by 2pm in front of the famous Chat-n-Chill/ Volleyball beach. I got to feed the stingray as they swam around your ankles rubbing against your legs looking for food, such a cool experience.

Stingray feeding frenzy

We had a couple of packages being delivered to G-town to include our stanchions and lifelines and a new voltage regulator since we had been having problems with our alternator not charging. Turns out the alternator was dying a very slow death and finally gave up while we made our way here. One of the many cool things about a big cruiser anchorage like Georgetown is that they have a cruisers network hosted over the radio every morning so everyone can listen and take advantage of not only just info about G-town but also buy-sale-trade and general needs in the harbor. After arriving and getting our regulator and realizing that was not the issue we put out a request for assistance (over 200 boats) with our alternator issue and we had 2 offers to come over and help out.

3heads are better than 1 – Alternator exorcism 😂

We met Roger on m/v RollsDoc who was able to quickly identify the alternator was dead and just so happened to have a spare on his boat that he didn’t need or want. He brought it over they got it installed and viola we are now charging our batteries again. Jeff spent a couple of days fighting with this issue but it’s all good now, Roger was able to repair our old alternator so now we have a spare. It truly has been amazing how generous and willing everyone is in this sailing community. We have been so very fortunate to see this type of community in camping, boating and now cruising like we’re doing now. It warms the heart to know the world isn’t all bad, truly the majority is still very good and chalked full of people who love God and who have hearts as big as Texas!

We intend to stay in and around G-town until the first week of March to be here for the G-town cruisers regatta that begins on the 22nd and goes into next week. All kinds of activities are planned from big and small boat races to variety shows to poker runs and different tournaments. We’ll catch all we can then start making our way south and eventually into Dominican Republic. For the past couple of weeks we’ve met a ton of new friends, said goodbye to old friends, attended beach church had a dinghy raft-up, dance parties and get-togethers on the local beaches. We’ve even played the boat shuffle from one side of the harbor to the other to avoid strong winds. One of the best things is we got to see some of our Wylie, Tx peeps who planned a vacation here in Little Exumas. We got to hang out with Bruce & Mercy Davis and Lisa & Scott over at Chat-n-Chill and then we took them sailing before they had to head back home. It really was cool seeing them and hearing about many of our friends back in Wylie. We camped and boated many times with Bruce & Mercy and watched our kids grow up over the past 15 years – we just love our friends and are very thankful for them and the few items they were able to bring us. My Slap Ya Mama supply was getting scarcely low 😳

Goodies from the states!


Dinghy raft-up = FUN!

Beach church! 💖

Beach get togethers with new friends!

It is very easy and tempting to find a great place like we have in and around the Bahamas and just stay, it is a beautiful chain of islands with so much to offer. The crystal clear blue and green waters are addictive it’s like living over the worlds largest saltwater pool with so many gorgeous reefs and great snorkeling. Each island offers awesome beaches and some amazing hiking trails all around.

Bahamians are extremely friendly and many cater to cruisers so it makes it that much more addictive to always be around smiling faces and kind people. We’ll start looking at weather and making plans to see the last few Bahamas islands and then head towards Turks and Caicos. We’re getting close to the end of the Bahamas but so looking forward to what’s next!  As always we thank you for the prayers and the continued support- love you all 😘