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Please Email us –

1 – Our personal email addresses will continue to be used by us. If you’re sending attachments – this will be the only way we can receive them. There may be long delays for us to respond – because we will be relying on Wifi (many areas we plan to travel through have no cell / data coverage).

2 – We have a Delorme InReach that can send and receive messages to & from anywhere in the world (via satellite service). The downside to this device – each message is limited to 160 characters (maximum). Therefor – messages must be short & to the point.

3 – Our blog website ( We will continue to post info & pictures as often as possible. From the page “Where are we” – you can see our current location. There is an option to leave comments after each blog entry. We will respond to all comments as we can.

Jeff & Cristol