Here comes Irma…

So it’s hurricane season again and another hurricane (Irma) is barreling down our path! We are not happy about it but we are also not terribly worried about it either. The bay where we are in the Dominican Republic is called la Bahia de Gracias (Thanksgiving Bay). It is close to the ocean but is nearly completely surrounded by mountains which has made it one of the safest hurricane holes in the Caribbean. That was definitely a reason why we chose to hang out in Luperon DR for hurricane season this year.

Our hurricane hole – we’re the blue dot!

Hurricane Matthew scared the mess out of us last year being our very first to ride out and having to strip our boat to barebones like we did. This go around we’re not stripping it even half as much, we have removed anything that could take flight or be ripped away by high winds for our safety as well as others around us. Our boat is tied to a dock  and we’re probably less than 50 feet from land so getting off the boat in an emergency shouldn’t be a problem. Our biggest concern will be the water surge, we’re hoping it’s not going to be too crazy as we are not on a floating dock and that could cause a problem with the boat if it can’t stayed tied down properly. Obviously we are praying for the storm to turn more to the North, however we do expect some high winds and rain.

We are praying for everyone in the path of this hurricane which seems to be gaining speed and strength, we pray for safety to all who are being threatened as well as will be affected. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as well.  There are many friends here we’ll be riding this storm out with and we lift up all the families and friends who are worried and concerned.  Praying for peace and calm to endure what’s ahead.

6 thoughts on “Here comes Irma…

  1. I have been thinking and praying for your safety. Glad to hear this update. Stay safe and hold on to each other tight. Love you both

  2. Prayers for you – you feel effects before we do.
    Please pray for us- we are on a mooring at Man O War – evacuating with our kitty would be difficult – but we may have to go to the school here,
    Praying hard!!!!!💕⛵️🐱🌈

    • Oh dear, we are definitely praying for our beloved Abacos and more importantly all of our wonderful friends there! Love you all and covering you in prayers!

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