“Team Exit” Eleuthera or bust…

I think it’s gonna happen, we are 1 of 15 or so boats anchored out at Lynyard Cay which sits right on the edge of Little Harbor Cut waiting for the winds to clock around and for the seas to calm so we can all head south. This is a very common anchorage to stage yourself before making the crossover to Eleuthera. It’s extremely memorable for Jeff & I since we came into the Abacos through this very same cut 7 1/2 months ago. Our route was definitely backwards as most people come from Florida through the north side of the island, which is truly a safer and much shallower route but we have some great and not so great memories of doing it backwards 😁 We have met most of the cruisers out here at an impromptu bonfire on Saturday night and had one of the best times sharing food and memories!

Bonfire blast & lighted hoola hoop!

Lynyard Cay staging zone

(s/v Sea Ya, s/v Catatude, s/v Nightingale, s/v Seldom Silent, s/v Rat Catcher, s/v Silhouette, s/v Cloud 9, s/v Te Amor, s/v Ain’t Misbehavin)

So today we prepare for the 50+ mile journey across the Atlantic with depths of 13,000+ feet of water which we all plan to head out at first light on Monday morning (Jan 16). I know 50 miles doesn’t seem far at all if you’ve ever driven the North Dallas Tollway from Frisco to Downtown Dallas and back, however imagine driving it going only 5 miles per hour with hills and valleys spaced out every 20 to 50 yards 😳⛵️🌊😖 This little 50+ mile outing will take us approximately 10 hours give or take as we have to incorporate the wind, waves and swells. With the wind in the right direction we could pick up speed which could shave off an hour or so, however if we haven’t timed this weather window right we could be fighting the wind which could make our crossing very uncomfortable and longer than expected. The goals for us are 1. Get there safely 2. Sail preferably over motoring and 3. Anchor well before the sun sets. So today along with writing this I’ll be baking some bread, mixing up a huge batch of chicken salad and cleaning while Jeff is doing an overall engine inspection by tightening and checking all fluids to ensure everything is in tip top shape. We try to prepare for a long day where we may not have safe access to the galley to cook so everything will be quick and easy to grab if we need to go below while underway.

One final lunch in Little Harbor at Petes Pub with friends…

Little Harbor @ Pete’s Pub – got solar?!?

Tonight a group get together aboard s/v Te Amor (thanks Jan & Cam) enjoying Lobster Chowder to discuss logistics of pulling up anchors and finalizing last minute details. With a group consisting of approximately 10 boats we want to be able to communicate easily and clearly while out on the water. We’ve come up with a group name so hailing each other while underway will be much more organized – Team Exit has been established! I would say we are both excited and anxious but so ready to see more of the Bahamas!

2 thoughts on ““Team Exit” Eleuthera or bust…

  1. Glad you posted this today, Cristol- had thought you all left this morning (Sunday) and Dick and I were thinking of you and everybody on Team Exit. Now we’ll be thinking of your group Monday. With 10 of you, there’s bound to be speed challenges (you’ll be racing each other if the wind and waves are appropriate). You have Prayers from Us for a safe uneventful crossing – where on Eleuthera are you headed? Are you using Batelco SIM card for wifi!
    Love from
    IP 44 Gusto!!!
    Carol, Dick, and Bosley

    • Hey there!!! We made it safely and we anchored out at Meeks Patch for a couple of nights. We’re going into Spanish swells today and probably will hang out here for a few days with more questionable weather coming this weekend. The cross was very rolly but yes the wind helped with the speed.
      Thanks for the prayers ~ love you guys! 😘

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